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Molana'sPersian Cuisine and Restaurant


Molana Restaurant resides in the center of Hamburg, one of the historical cities in the world. Molana Restaurant is an Authentic Persian Cuisine, where you will find all the original Persian dishes with their 100% authenticity preserved, and served daily with fresh material. We are proud to introduce to you the pure taste, texture and spirit of our dining table and wish to have you dine with us. At Molana Persian Persian Restaurant you will find all colorful dishes including vegeterial dishes to your 100% satisfaction. Please don't forget to visit our Online Menu pages.

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About us

With an experience over 3 decades long we are proud to be at the greater Hamburg's service with 100% Authentic and original Persian recepies.

Original Persian Recepies are prepared from fresh and natural ingredient including meat, fish, vegetables, spices and served with daily fresh salat and a side dish with a glass of a refreshing cool persian drink. Some recepies dating back centuries and some modern dishes with healthy and fresh ingredients are to take away not only one's hunger but exhaustion of a hard worked day. It will be our honor and pleasure to have you join us for a diner or lunch table and you will be convinced of peaceful, loving and healthy persian meal time with your 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Molana Restaurant

Danziger Str. 14

20099 Hamburg

Telefon: : 040 244 552

Opening Hours: Daily

12:00 23:00

Molana Restaurant

Telefon: : 040 244 552

Daily 12:00 to 2300